Why you should choose Flutter?

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What is Flutter?

Flutter  is a Google UI  tool that can be used to build natively compiled mobile app development, website and desktop. Flutter can develop applications for Android, Windows, Mac, web, Fushia, and IOS. According to the author Google, flutter can be described as a react native who has all the support of native features. Flutter has four major components;


Flutter  is a Google  UI tool that can be utilized to create compiled website, software and desktop website. Flutter can develop applications for IOS, and Android, Windows, Mac Fushia. As stated by google, flutter may be described to be being a react native who has all the support of features. Flutter contains four Key elements;

  1. Dart platform
  2. Flutter engine
  3. Foundation library
  4. Design-specific widgets

Why developers love Flutter

Fast development


Quick reload

Cross-platform development


Native performance

Why Should You use Google Flutter?

Contrary to Android’s other variants which are based On Kotlin and Java, to be able to utilize Google Flutter, then you will have to know Dart. The idea of studying are some causes of the reason you ought to give it a try.



Google has launched the app to be made by Flutter Development process easier. The first and Goal of the tool that is successful is to supply a native user-interface Look with native widgets and buttons.


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